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The world’s first inclusive property network for everyone – And it’s free!

What Makes Us Different?

Doorprop brings the property world together to create a level of transparency and connection never seen before.


Confidence in your next move
Leverage your network, validate and draw inspiration from others and build your own property space.


Have your say
Read and generate reviews for landlords, tenants, agents and properties to know that your next move is the right one.


Get Social
Built-in messaging makes it easier to manage and track communication with landlords, tenants, roommates, agents and more. Share, manage and track property content and advice with your connections.

Move with confidence

Doorprop provides authenticated users with real world information from real people. Users can recommend, review, and use the built in messenger to communicate with current and prospective landlords, tenants and agents so that you can move forward with comfort in the knowledge that you can trust who you are dealing with.

Your Property World In One Place

Many of us struggle to keep organised in a busy world, how easy is it to forget where you stored that lease or when to pay the water bill? Doorprop lets you store your important documents and reminds you when rent, bills and more is due. All the important stuff, in one place.

Share ideas, advice, and expertise

With a great network comes great minds and great content. Share your experiences, post advice and expert insights to create and generate inspiration for every step of your property journey.

App Features

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